Release Date: 
Recorded 2012

Brilleauvator is an unplugged acoustic adventure, featuring a list of songs from a diverse range of artists that inspired the formation of Brilleaux back in 1999.

This is what I describe as a "sit down, shut up, and listen" album as opposed to the usual Brilleaux "get up and dance" kind of album.

Not everything is blues, Not everything is British, and Not everything is original, but it still has a certain Brilleauxness about it, and it does include a couple of previously unrecorded Brilleaux originals that fit the unplugged genre.


Recorded at: 

Graham Clark: Vocals, Harmonica, Rhythm Guitar
Bruce Rolands: Guitars
Ian Gilpin: Drums and BV’s
Brian Franks: Bass Guitar

Track Listing: 
  1. Bum’s Rush (Orig. L. Brilleaux / J. Guitar) Dr Feelgood
  2. Amos Moses (Orig. J. Reed) Sensational Alex Harvey Band
  3. I’m Tired (Orig. C. Youlden) Savoy Brown
  4. Baby why you treat me this way (Orig. J. Guitar) Dr Feelgood
  5. Dear Doctor (Orig. M. Jagger / K. Richards) Rolling Stones
  6. Ellas McDaniels (Orig. G. Clark) Brilleaux
  7. Orphan Blues (Orig. Washboard Sam) Mike Bloomfield
  8. Work Song (Orig. O. Brown Jr., N. Adderly) Paul Jones
  9. She’s My Girl (Orig. G. Clark) Brilleaux
  10. Sloppy Drunk (Orig. J. Rogers) Mike Bloomfield
  11. Emergency (Orig. K. Wilson) Fab. Thunderbirds
  12. How Can It Be (Orig. N. Holder / J. Lea) Slade

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