Eight Track Style

Release Date: 

Brilleaux’s first true studio album, complete with multiple guitar overdubs, samples, all kinds of effects and studio enhancements.
3 female backing singers, 3-piece horn section.

This album is a lot more contemporary, or modern than the previous two.
The songs deviating from the R & B roots, which are still quite obviously there, but not as predominant as on past albums. This is a more progressive and experimental album than anything Brilleaux have done in the past.

Recorded at: 
Click Studio, Hamilton by Dan Howard.

Graham Clark: Vocals, Harmonica, Theremin, Rhythm Guitar, Melodica
Bruce Rolands: Guitars
Ian Gilpin: Drums and BV’s
Brian Franks: Bass Guitar
Ritchie Pickett: Piano
DJ: Freddie Holler
Backing Singers: Jessie and Georgina Matthews, Rene Simon.
Paul Sanders: Trombone
Mitch Pikimaui: Saxophone
Tahu Pikimaui: Trumpet
Scottish Voice: Geoff The Scotsman

Track Listing: 
  1. Get Over Yourself (G. Clark/B. Rolands)
  2. I Am (G. Clark)
  3. Bundle Of Joy (G. Clark/B. Franks/B. Rolands)
  4. Beat The Bastards Back (G. Clark)
  5. You’re Going Home In An Ambulance (G. Clark)
  6. Hit Mah (G. Clark/B. Rolands)
  7. Roadtest Ronnie (G. Clark)
  8. POD Till Ya Drop (W. Dixon/G. Clark/T.Vahalamas)

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