Live at the Colosseum

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Live sound engineered on the night and recorded by the fantastic engineer Dan Howard from Hamilton who recorded our previous album.

Brilleaux invited keyboard player Tim Julian to accompany them at this gig, who after only 2 rehearsals was still just flying by the seat of his pants, and in at the deep end on many of the original songs.

This album is 100% Live, with no overdubs or studio enhancements or repairs.

After the gig at 4am in the morning, this album was mixed down at Graham's house, and a CD burnt of the proceedings. Dan took the computer files home, and the next day his computer blew up, leaving the entire album unretrievable - the only version remaining was the rough mix down burnt to CD from the previous morning.

Dan did a wicked job at 4am because when you purchase this album that is exactly what you hear.
If you want to know what Brilleaux sound like at a live gig - this is it - 100% live.

Recorded at: 
a live gig on 31st of March, 2007 at the Colosseum, Tauranga with a mobile studio.
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