Welcome to the Brilleaux Show

Release Date: 

Recorded live, with overdubs of Backing Vocals only.
Bonus Tracks: Terry Varhalamas made a couple of dance mixes of Beer Goggles and You Give Me A Chill which were quite interesting, so we added these as a bonus.

Recorded at: 
The Boatshed Studio, Whakamaramara, Tauranga

Graham Clark: Vocals, Harmonica, Theremin, Rhythm Guitar
Bruce Rolands: Guitars
Kevin Nankevill: Guitars
Ian Gilpin: Drums and BV’s
Brian Franks: Bass Guitar

Track Listing: 
  1. The Brilleaux Show (G. Clark)
  2. Good Listening To (G. Clark, K. Coleman)
  3. Beer Goggles (G. Clark)
  4. Riding On The L&N (Burley/Hampton)
  5. You Give Me A Chill (G. Clark)
  6. The Big Unit (G. Clark)
  7. Just Rhythm And Blues (G. Clark)

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