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Rotorua Blues Festival was fantastic

Well, the Rotorua Blues Fest has been and gone, and it was a great success for Brilleaux for several reasons.

Gigs in Auckland and Rotorua coming up

Well Folks - Brilleaux have some interesting gigs coming up in the next couple of months.

First up are two gigs in Rotorua at the Bluesfest.

The first one is on Saturday 5th June at 9.30pm at Rotoruas home of the Blues, the Belgian Bar.
This is going to be a most interesting gig for us as it will be the first time Brilleaux have ever played without regular bass player Brian.

Great Gig at Marchwood

Well people, Marchwood came and went, and Brilleaux had a most enjoyable set.

This was a charity gig for us - we did it for free to try and help the organisers put a few dollars back into their kitty so that they may be able to do another one or two in the future, but once again the lethargic Tauranga crowd stayed away in droves, so instead of making a bit of profit I think the festival barely broke even, so in fact they were no further ahead.

Rotorua Bluesfest June 4 - 7th

A brilliant festival organised by Sally Garner and the BOP Blues Club.

This event takes place over Queens Birthday Weekend, and has a great lineup of local and overseas blues artists.

Check out the BOP Blues Club website for the exact lineup and artists etc.

Well worth a trip to Vegas for.

Brilleaux make 2 appearances at this festival.

One on the Saturday Night at the Belgian Bar

The other at an as yet undisclosed venue on Sunday afternoon.
Watch this space for more details.

Marchwood Blues Picnic April 24th in Tauranga

For those of you who are unaware, Graham writes a regular column in the Bay of Plenty Times newspaper on the topic of Historical bands and musicians from the Bay of Plenty.

Here is the column that appeared in Thursday 15ths edition.