Brillcream - the cream of Brilleaux

Since we started in 1999 Brilleaux have released 8 albums and this year in time for our UK and Italy tour we are compiling a BEST OF album (which we have called BRILLCREAM)

You can all help us out in our selection of songs to appear on this album by giving suggestions of your favourite Brilleaux tracks (or tracks by other artists that we have recorded)

UK and Italy Tour 2016

Well folks, its 3 months to the day till Brilleaux head off on our next overseas excursion

This year will prove to be quite an adventure what with our heading across the channel to play at the Red Moon Festival in Italy.

There has been a lot of work going on in the background trying to organise the itinerary, and a fair bit of shuffling had to be done to fit everything in.

UK and ITALY 2016

Brilleaux are pleased to announce they will be once again appearing at the BLUES ON THE FARM FESTIVAL in Chichester, UK on Saturday 18th June.

Brilleaux turned down for Australian festival - AGAIN

I have lost count of the number of times I have applied to festivals in Australia, and not ONE has shown the slightest bit of interest in the band.
What are we doing wrong?
We know for a fact we will SLAY THEM - just like we do at festivals in the UK and New Zealand - if only they would give us the opportunity. But it's not to be Im afraid, which is a damn shame.

Blues Matters feature on Brilleaux

There is a feature on Brilleaux in the latest edition of the British blues magazine, BLUES MATTERS.…/blues-matters-magazine-issue…/