All Done! We're Off!

Thats it!
All the preparation has been done, the UK gigs booked, promotional material distributed, Merchandise and CDs stacked up.
The tour van has been filled with gas, and waiting for us at the airport (or it will be in a day or two)

New Album Pictures of the Queen

OMG! - I have just heard the first mixes of our new album fro the studio of Tim Julian at Colour Field.

Phew! It sounds amazing, and all I can say is that Mr Julian, you are a bloody magician.
I cannot tell you how excited I am to get this into production.

UK TOUR 2015

In June 2015, Brilleaux undertake our second UK Tour.

How did a band from little old Tauranga New Zealand end up touring the UK not once, but twice?


For some time now Brilleaux have been in the studio recording our next CD release (album number 8).
All material has been recorded, and we are now in the final stages of mixing the tracks down.
The album is entitled PICTURES OF THE QUEEN, and contains a total of 12 tracks.

Last NZ Gig before UK Tour

June 13, 2015
As you may know, Brilleaux head off to the UK in June on our second UK Tour.
Here is our final gig in New Zealand before we head off.
We intend to make this show a night to remember,
Drivers is only a small venue, so there will be limited tickets available, and no guarantees of any door sales, so please get in quick to secure your entry.