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Brilleaux, Ian Goodsman & Anton Elkington in Whangarei

Last October, Brilleaux played at the Whangarei Jazz and Blues Festival, and once again received an awesome reception from the many fans we have accumulated in this part of the world.

At the last venue we played at, the lineup was Ian Goodsman – a masterful Slide acoustic blues player was on first, then Anton Tipi Elkington, with the Brilleaux rhythm section, and then Brilleaux.

At the end of Tipis set, he invited Ian Goodsman, Graham Clark (me) onto the stage for a jam.

And what a buzz that was. The fusion of those 3 different styles of blues was electrifying, and we all had big grins on our faces – It was a special moment.

So special, that we promised to do it again.

Sean - the owner of SALUT bar and restaurant was very keen to get us up there again, so we organised a special blues event for Saturday 17th January – a 3–kinds of blues festival. with tickets at $20 each the place was all but sold out.

Ian Goodsman played the first set, Tipi played the second set with the brilleaux rhythm section, and Brilleaux the third and fourth sets.

At the beginning of the 4th set, Brilleaux got Ian and Tipi on stage, and we jammed on 3 songs – Son of a Bitch, Big Boss Man, and Route 66, and the already energised crowd were exstatic – you could see it on their faces – man did they get a show.

What a fantastic show this is proving to be, There is something for everyone, with Ians more traditional slide and fingerpicking acoustic playing, Tipis Texas/Hendrix style blues, and Brilleaux with their British R&B, but when those three styles are combined, the result is more than just outstanding – it really is a very special aural moment.

If we ever manage to get this show to a place near you make sure you don't miss it - it is SPECIAL!

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