Room Full of Blues Tauranga Jazz festival featuring The Hip Shooters

Dont miss this gig blues and music lovers WHATEVER YOU DO!

If you are reading this then you are probably a Brilleaux fan, but let me tell you - the REAL reason I am going to this gig is so I can watch THE HIP SHOOTERS.

If you havent witnessed this band before then make sure you do - they will truly blow you away.

Blues on the Farm Chichester UK Tour 2015

Brilleaux confirmed for this event on our 2015 UK Tour

Brilleaux now confirmed for this event on Sunday 21st June

Brilleaux at Papamoa Tavern

Here is our next appearance in the Tauranga area - Next Weekend in fact
If this gig is half as good as our last appearance at the Pap Tavern, then we are all sure to have a great night.

Something for everyone here

Papamoa Tavern

Saturday 21st March - 2-9 pm

Josh Pow
Big River Boys

Latest UK Tour news

The final itinerary for our UK tour is still to be finalised but the latest news is that Brilleaux will be performing at the BLUES ON THE FARM festival in CHICHESTER.
The date most likely to be confirmed is Sunday 21st June, although another date (Thursday 18th) is under negotiation.

As soon as the final itinerary is confirmed I shall be posting it here, so keep your eyes on this page.

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