Wellington Blues Club gig



Just returned from a mini tour of the lower North Island, starting at the Wellington Blues Club held at the Bristol Hotel in Wellington.

It's a fair old drive from Tauranga to Wellington - 6 hours or so in the van starts to get a little uncomfortable near the end, but we made it - many thanks to Beano the driver and his lovely late model van, complete with 20" flat screen TV with Video player installed in the back.

Met up with an old friend of ours Mr Damian Forlong, who is now not only a trombone player extraordinaire, but also a soundman!

Damian set up the PA and away we went.

There seemed like an average sized crowd there, when we started, and they all stayed till the end, so we must have been doing something OK.

Especially enjoyed meeting Mr Neil Billington, who is one of the two New Zealand harmonica players I particularly admire. - Did I ask him up for a jam? - You must be joking! I have spent a lot of years persuading people to think I am a competent harp player, and Mark would make me look like a novice in about 2 seconds flat!


We did however ask up another old friend of mine - Guitar player from Shaken Not Stirred, Dean Hunter, who is an old bandmate of mine from years back.

It was also very nice to meet the acquaintance of Deryk Hope of the Wellington Blues Club who was kind enough to book us for the occasion. - Thanks Deryk for your help.


During the evening a photographer - Donald Laing - took a number of photos of the band which can be viewed at the following address: - thank you very much Donald



It would also be remiss not to mention and thank the very kind hospitality of freinds and fans Keith and Weisje, who kindly invited a bunch of musicians into their home at 2am fed, watered and put us up for the night.