Tauranga and Whakatane report

Disappointingly small turnout for both of these gigs, but despite the small turnout, those attending were really given their moneys worth.

I would personally like to thank all those who turned out and supported such a fine lineup of bands.

Thanks to Adam and Graeme at PLAY in Tauranga (used to be Harringtons). This is a fantastic venue and I really recommend it. I shall try and organise an event here in the future, as it is a great size, a good sounding room, with the best stage in Tauranga.

With Brian unavailable for this weekends gigs, we once again enlisted the services of Pete the Greek Ghinis, and to whom we give our most sincere thanks, as he has proven himself to be a fine stand in for Brian, although this comes as no surprise, as Pete played with Beano and Graham for several years in The Sensation Gutter Brothers.

Sadly Brilleauxs performance was I'm afraid uninspiring on the night - we failed to get into the zone, and felt like we just went through the motions.

The gig in Whakatane was in The Boiler Room, which is another good live venue.

The night was kicked off by the Tony Painting band, and I can sincerely say that I cannot remember seeing a band kick ASS as much as Tony and the guys did tonight - they were absolutely ON FIRE. Thanks Tony - I was inspired by that performance - something a band has failed to do for me for some time.

Following such an incendiary performance is a hard task, and Robbie McGregor rose to the challenge, and completed the best performance I have seen him and his band play, absolutely nailing some extremely tricky tunes including a cover of a Chic Corea song that I would not even contemplate attempting, not to mention a great original track I have not heard him play before. Thanks Robbie for a great show.

Brilleaux were really put to task tonight having to follow two fantastic performances, and I am very pleased to say that when the going gets tough, Brilleaux get going, and we delivered as tough a  set of R&B as only Brilleaux at their best are capable of (in other words we kicked ass!). We had a great time and felt very satisfied having done so.

Having to follow 3 bands who have just delivered their best performances set Billy TK Jnr a tough task, but once again, perhaps inspired by the previous bands, Billy put on one of the best sets I have seen him deliver also, so the crowd in Whakatane were very privileged that night and certainly got their moneys worth.