Brilleaux UK Tour 2015

It is no secret that Brilleaux will be touring the UK for the second time in June 2015.

We were invited back by the promoters of the Isle of Wight festival we played at in 2013, to play at a different festival to be held in Torquay on the South Coast.
Our man in the UK Rob Vernon and I have been busy booking gigs for the rest of the time we are in the UK, and now have a number confirmed:
20th June: Boogaloo festival at the Toorak in Torquay
21 June: The Ranelagh, Brighton
26th June: Esquires, Bedford
27th June: The Musician, Leicester
28th June The Ent Shed, Bedford

I still have a few dates to be filled, and awaiting confirmation.

We are working on securing a gig in Paris, but that is proving to be a little more difficult to finalise, but watch this space.

I would love to hear from any fans of Brilleaux in the UK who have contacts with venues or pubs who could help me secure a gig or two - let me know if you can help.

Nelson Fan

Good luck with the tour Graham. I would love to see you back at the Nelson Jazz Festival sometime. IMO just not same without you. How about a gig in Woking? I'll spread word around a few of my mates in UK. They need to see you guys.
Roy Price Nelson.

Woking sounds good

Thanks Roy - We would love to play in Woking - I lived in Guildford for many years - tell your friends to find us a venue and we will be in business.
We would also love to be part of the Nelson festival, but for some reason seem to be out of favour with the organisers - Perhaps I should contact them again and see if they would like us to play there again, as we did seem to have quite a following down there.