Tony Painting Band and Brilleaux at Drivers

In our effort to introduce the people of Tauranga to some of the outstanding artists in this country, Brilleaux have invited The Tony Painting band to join them for a show at our favourite Tauranga Venue.

Tony Painting arrived on the New Zealand music scene several years ago to amaze us with his tasteful yet incendiary guitar skills.

Tony has a vast array of musical influences, and draws heavily from many of the iconic blues and Rock guitar players that we are all familiar with - both British and American - players such as Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Albert Lee, Clapton, and any number of masters of the stratocaster.

Now I have seen many bands, and been to hundreds of shows, but The Tony Painting Band have blown me away on a number of occasions - when this band start to smoulder watch out - they will set the house on fire.

Brilleaux are very proud to announce that their next show (following Riverhead Slide at Mauao Performing Arts Centre) will be with The Tony Painting Band at DRIVERS BAR in Tauranga on SATURDAY 13th December at DRIVERS BAR, TAURANGA

Tickets from Drivers Bar.
Tony doesnt appear down this way often, so make sure you get tickets for this show, as numbers are limited.