Tauranga Easter Jazz Festival 2015

Brilleaux have made an appearance at the Tauranga Easter Jazz Festival now for a number of years, and judging by the number of people who have contacted or spoken to me recently we have become quite an attraction there.
Not that it comes as any surprise judging by the size of the crowds we play to at this event - Let me tell you, it is quite a spectacle from our perspective up on the stage - looking out at a sea of people all grooving to the music.
It also give me a great deal of pleasure seeing Tauranga come to life over this weekend

With all that "feelgood-stuff" in mind, I have just confirmed that once again Brilleaux will be performing on one of the Strand stages this coming easter
Here are the details.
3.30 - 4-45
CLASSIC HITS STAGE (opposite Masonic Park)