For some time now Brilleaux have been in the studio recording our next CD release (album number 8).
All material has been recorded, and we are now in the final stages of mixing the tracks down.
The album is entitled PICTURES OF THE QUEEN, and contains a total of 12 tracks.
10 original numbers penned by the band, and two cover versions.

The track listing includes the following (but not necessarily in this order)
Pictures of the Queen (G. Clark)
Ellas McDaniels (G. Clark)
Jack The Lad (G. Clark)
Strapped For Cash (G. Clark)
Thats the Way That I Roll (G. Clark)
Well I Never (B. Rolands and G. Clark)
Shes Got the Ump (G. Clark)
Meter Man (G. Clark)
Shes My Girl (G. Clark)
Hand Me Downs (B. Rolands and G. Clark)
Cheque Book (Micky Jupp)
A Certain Girl (Allan Touissant)

This album features a number of tracks with piano and keyboards played by the unofficial 5th member of Brilleaux - Tim Julian (who also owns and is the engineer of the recording studio).

Brilleaux always jump at the chance of having Tim perform live with us at every opportunity, so he has a good understanding of what our sound is and what we do. On top of that he has also recorded and produced a number of our previous albums, and we are very pleased to have him add his immense talents on the keys to this album.

The first release of PICTURES OF THE QUEEN will be in the UK, and will not be available in New Zealand until we return from our tour.