All Done! We're Off!

Thats it!
All the preparation has been done, the UK gigs booked, promotional material distributed, Merchandise and CDs stacked up.
The tour van has been filled with gas, and waiting for us at the airport (or it will be in a day or two)
Brilleaux head off to the UK tomorrow for our second UK Tour - and we are mighty exxcited to be taking our brand of British R&B - made in New Zealand - to the UK again.

We have some wonderful and prestigious guests lined up at 3 our shows, and I cant wait.

Please keep track of our daily goings on on the Brilleaux UK Tour Facebook page ( provided I can get it all to work when I get there)

Thank you all for helping us achieve this milestone by coming to our gigs and purchasing CDs and merchandise - we could not have done it without you all.

See you on the other side