UK and Italy Tour 2016

Well folks, its 3 months to the day till Brilleaux head off on our next overseas excursion

This year will prove to be quite an adventure what with our heading across the channel to play at the Red Moon Festival in Italy.

There has been a lot of work going on in the background trying to organise the itinerary, and a fair bit of shuffling had to be done to fit everything in.

Perhaps the most daunting of the gigs is our acoustic show which kicks off a few hours after we arrive! We land at Heathrow, and then have to make our way up to Bedford, where hopefully the PA and equipment will all be set up ready for us - no time to check the gear or change strings etc - straight in to it! - Oh well, you only live once - as long as none of us fall asleep during the show well be OK.

Looking forward to our gig at Esquires in Bedford - we have had a great crowd there in the past, and we have made many friends and fans in this neck of the woods - PLUS its Rocking Robs (our UK tour managers) Home town.

Blues on the Farm festival is going to be a biggie this year - Looking forward to seeing Paul Jones and the Blues Band again.

We got a great reception at this festival last year, and I think the regular punters and those who saw our show are going to be lining up to make sure they catch us again, so we are going to make sure we do not disappoint.

We are playing at another new venue this year courtesy of a friend Ian Archer. Ian booked us to play at a little beer festival in Yalding, Kent. Nothing to major, but any beer festival is good, and what better way to spend a Sunday - drinking Ale and listening to Rhythm and Blues. Thanks Ian.

I will set up a FACEBOOK PAGE for the tour and will keep a running report back to you all of what we are doing, where we are going, and reports on the shows etc, so keep your eye out for that.

Here are some ticket links to our two shows in Bedford:

08 Jun 2016, Ent Shed:

10 Jun 2016, Esquires

are there likely to be any

are there likely to be any more UK dates added ?

Im afraid those are all the

Im afraid those are all the UK dates in the UK as we are gigging in Italy this year.
Hope you can make it to one of them.

are there likely to be any

are there likely to be any more UK dates added ?