Tauranga National Festival 2017 - UPDATE

After posting the news that Brilleaux would not be appearing at the National Tauranga festival in Easter after a run of at least 10 years, a massive debate took place on social media with our fans from all over the country voicing their disappointment and disapproval that their favourite act of the festival were to be omitted.
This debate was brought to the attention of the festival organisers and they had a meeting to discuss the situation, which resulted in Brilleaux being reinstated to the programme and given a performance slot at the Hurricane Party on Saturday 15th April at 7.30 - 9.15
We are to be in good company too!
After Brilleaux is SWAMP THING - Grant Haua and Michael Barker who will be appearing with a full band including horns.
This will certainly be a sight to see as Swamp Thing are an incredible act as a two piece, let alone with a full band.
Check them out here:
The Location is the Tauranga waterfront. The main grass area will house a large 15x30 marquee with a stage, kitted out with a full PA, backline and lighting. Just outside the marquees will be a beer garden with a selection of food and drinks for the audience to enjoy. This gives performers an opportunity to perform in a professional environment and gives everyone the security of shade from the sun or cover from the rain.
Although Brilleaux had been omitted from their usual slot along the Strand for the free street performances, the festival organisers had been discussing having Brilleaux play at the Hurricane Party but needed to secure more funding before adding to the line up. They have just received great news from Priority One this week that they are contributing towards the waterfront concerts which has allowed them to add Brilleaux to the programme.
Further advertising and posters etc will follow now that the programme is complete.

Brilleaux would like to thank all their loyal fans for their support and look forward to seeing you at the show - Man it will be EPIC.