Rock Steady Tour Done and Dusted

What a roller coaster of a tour that was!
We survived Storms, Hrricanes, Floods, heat waves and every kind of weather in between
We traversed the country from North to South, East to West - and back again, travelling about 7000 kms.
We had more fun than should be legal and met lots of interesting people in the process.
It is a difficult task for a largely unknown band playing original material to an act that can boast as many anthems as Bad Company and Foreigner, but we had nothing but great feedback from the music lovers that were forced to sit through our show waiting for the headline act.
I believe we have made a whole new bunch of fans, and we couldnt be happier.
Brilleaux were tighter than they have ever been, and hit each show with great energy, The only show that was disappointing for me was the New Plymouth show where the sound on-stage was a real let-down and made performing a very tough job. Apart from that show our sound on stage and out the front was as good as you could ever hope for.
We had so many good shows that its hard to pick a favourite, but Thanks to our good mate Rosco at TOTARA STREET, and our home crowd, TOTARA StTREET would have to be up there.
At the Kumeu Hot Rod Show we played for over 2 hours as some of the Rock Steady Group got caught in traffic and couldnt get to the gig on time, so we just carried on till they arrived.
The final show in Upper Hutt, Wellington was to a full house, and was an epic show.
I (Graham) was invited on stage to join Rock Steady to play harmonica on the Bad Company song "Movin On", which was a real buzz for me.
For their encore, Rock Steady invited Brilleaux on stage to play the final song of the show - there were smiles all round - Bruce on his Les Paul jamming with Dave Bucket, Beano on Cow Bell, and I actually got to sing a verse of "All Right Now" (a low one!).
All in all an amazing experiece.
Thank you Steve Tree and Topline Entertainment for having the confidence to include Brilleaux on this tour.